Craving Candy

Two best friends discuss the pros and cons of visiting a relative over snacks and marijuana.

About 1000 words
Psychological Drama

Lana craned back then blew a cloud of tobacco heavenward, gazing at the cloudless night. Life was simple as a child. Fun and games. Exploration. Even school was a treat sometimes. Then rolled in middle school and hell made its entrance. Lana exhaled, placing the bud in the heart-shaped ashtray. One of the few handcrafted artifacts from her childhood.

It tickled Lana how much she reminisced when nicotine was in her system. The memories flooded her mind, washing away the moments strife. She sat on the step. It never lasted long. Tobacco permitted her the space to contemplate life decisions and right now she needed that space. Lana concentrated on the back of her eyelids.

Mom wants me over for dinner. She sighed. I dont know. Its going to be hell of awkward, but if I dont go, shell keep visiting me at work. Oh gosh, I dont need that. Lana scoffed, opening her eyes. This cigarette aint cutting it.

Several rhythmic beats knocked behind her. Lana shifted her attention. The door opened. Lana, Ryce grinned. I have a gift for you. She held up a brown sack.

Whats in there?

Legal and good.

Better than cigarettes? Lana said.

Even better, Ryce assured.

They flopped on the couch. Ryce cleared the coffee table. Lana attempted to clear her mind. For this to be refurbished its in pretty good condition. Ryce stretched.

Lana rolled her eyes with a smirk. How it go, Rye?

I passed. Barely. Got a C, Ryce said disappointedly. How was work?

Lana recanted the encounter with her mother in thought then groaned.

That bad? Ryce said.

Lana shrugged.

Hold that thought. Ryce reached in the brown sack and pulled out a pack of cigars. The seal was already ripped off. She pulled out a rolled joint, placed it on Lana’s lip and lit the blunt.

Lana inhaled, taking hold of the tobacco. She waited for her thoughts to cohere before sharing with her friend.

Ryce rummaged in her bag with the second blunt in her mouth. She rose with a butterfly design lighter. She showed Lana with a Chester cat grin. Lana smiled. Ryce flicked the lighter twice then hovered the flame under the cigar. Through a cloud of smoke, she said, Now.”

Lana hit the blunt twice, long and deep. Smoke gathered and burned the back of her throat. She gasped into a coughing fit, increasing her high. She wheezed, wiping the corner of her mouth then took another hit. She cleared her throat. Ahem. I checked out my mom today.

One of the drawbacks of smoking marijuana was the delay of information to the brain. Ryce cocked her head to the side, narrowing her eyes. A beat later her eyes widened. Ooh. Your mom. Ah damn, L. I bet that shit was awkward. Ryce offered the blunt.

Lana declined. Yea it was. She grimaced at the recollection. She ended up being my last customer. Im not even sure how, but she had five items. Lana held up her hand. Five, sis.
Ryce nodded. Okay.

Lana continued. I ring them up. We dont say a word to each other, which makes it uncomfortable.
Ryce joined. Because you like to interact with your customers!

Lana agreed with a loud, Yass. She said, disheartened, Anyways sis, she slips this note in with the money and I read it right there. She invites me over for dinner tonight. She wants to apologize. Or so says this nice letter. Lana picked up a small folded envelope and hands it to her friend.

Ryce unfolded and read the contents then looked up from the paper at Lana. She relit the blunt, hit it twice then snuffed it out in the ashtray. Sis, she said, What in the actual fuck is this? She abandoned you! She tried to kill you!

I know, sis, Lana admitted. I dont know. Ive been thinking a lot about that day. She watched the life vanish from his eyes with a blank stare. Then watched mine. I have questions. I want answers, ya know.

Ryce smacked her lips. I know you and if what you told me is true about what happened three years ago, then this shit is just going to get worst. You ready for all this, L?

No, Lana acknowledged. But I have you.

That you do, sis. I need M&Ms, Coke and another blunt. Stat.

Me too.

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