Today On Life is Never Fair

Would you believe me if I said something along the lines a city can be jus as tainted as it’s people. Or maybe it’s jus the reflection of it’s occupant? Idk. What I do know is that being home is as bittersweet as a reunion at a loved one’s memorial. It’s great to be around friends and family. But since coming back home, I’ve noticed a drastic difference between me and my… Read More

暗oday… Birds chirp spring delight. The sun warms my face as cool wind breeze by. As I walk down the sidewalk, numb and callous I can’t help to wonder what went wrong with my life. I’m here again in a predicament where I’m forced to uproot with a broken heart and confuse. My greatest sin was and still is that I love others more than I love myself. And at the end… Read More

抽把 This post is all about my children歹

I’m too grown for the games of childish men.

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