Thru It All

This was originally posted on my supposedly hidden blog but I forgot my hidden credentials and have been regularly posting using my daily login… Ha..he..yeah. Before I share this short sweet poem, ya know I like to update about my life. So, I’m going to do that real fast.

I’m still struggling with my depression. Um, now more than ever. It hurts to focus on what’s needed when what’s required is not engaging or visually satisfying. When I’m in my dark place, I like to zone out. Be alone. Get lost in art. I spend a lot of time on my computer designing, working on client work. However that doesn’t bring in the coins like I’d like. Conflicting.

It became a great struggle after I discovered the enormous amount of rain caved in the garage that stored all of my possessions and destroyed everything. Pictures of my children. Drawings from 2009 that meant so much more. Gone. Soaked and/or molded. Mostly both. Rummaging through everything was a toll not only on my heart, I also got sick the next day.

I can’t lie and say I wanted to scream and give up. I can’t lie and say I want to do that now, but I held it together.

Now, I have an apartment. Now, I’m getting back on track, slowly. I completed this course assignment. Graduation is approaching steadily. I recently got a promotion in my customer service job. And picked up a few clients for my graphic design business. Yes, my life is picking back up and becoming chaotic with each day, but I got this.

I have to remember to slow down. To enjoy the lil things and moments in life. Because you never know when you’ll lose someone and I have loss someone. My brother. I lossed him a day ago, and I’ll never get him back. Never. My lil bro who played too many pranks and couldn’t sit still for anything. My lil bro who teamed with my other bro and ran the streets like screeching monkeys just because they could. My lil bro who grew up into a fine man yet still underneath the facial hair and cockiness was still my goofy bro. His life was snuffed from him, and I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

• Lil Bro

To think time has stopped for you

Is something I cannot come to terms

You are my lil brother. My big head. My germ.

You played too much bro. You just didn’t understand the word no.

I don’t remember much about my past

But I remember my friends; they are my pack

Thru trauma of type, you were there being you

So, I lost more than a friend; I lost a brother too

I’m Not My Cycle, I’m Me


Birds chirp spring delight. The sun warms my face as cool wind breeze by. As I walk down the sidewalk, numb and callous I can’t help to wonder what went wrong with my life.

I’m here again in a predicament where I’m forced to uproot with a broken heart and confuse. My greatest sin was and still is that I love others more than I love myself. And at the end of every dance. Every song. Every sweet nothing. I’m alone. Words are the most powerful weapon a human can use against another. It can break us. Lift us. Inspire us. Torment us. Words are dangerous. Even a simple-minded fool can twist his tongue and produce a sentence to seduce an enchantress.

I know these things, yet I fall prey to these tactics so often that I question my own identity. I tell my children to watch what they say. Choose their words wisely. That even the words they don’t speak can leave a scar so deep it gashes a person’s innermost so be careful with what they don’t say too.

Then there’s me. Great at giving advice. Not so much at implementing. Guess we all have our downfalls. Mine, again, has done its job and I have fallen into a murky pit of my own despair. Despite, everything that has happened to me. The numbing. The callousing. The fear of giving my heart to another, I’m hopeful.

I’m hopeful that’ll I stop this cycle. That I’ll break free because I’m tired. Jus when I think I’ve found the answers to all my problems, I’m pushed back by the reality of life. The harsh truth of the words from those I love and care deeply for. I love too hard, yes. I care too deep, yes. It is something, I’m learning about myself. I probably would never change and might not want to.

Instead, I need to trust my innermost. When I feel the change. The sudden concerning that something isn’t right, I need to trust those feelings. Because they have been right so far. I jus been ignoring them. Conclusion, March ends. I’m swollen in tears. Overwhelmed with moving, keeping ahead of school so I can graduate with my associates in June, staying a productive and efficient employer and entrepreneur all while striving to be the best single parent I can be. 

This shit isn’t easy. But no one said life would be. 

👩‍👧‍👦Worst Mother of the Year

🍀March 14th | 16:01

Friends and family applaud what great parenting skills I’m supposed to have. I don’t think of it that way at all. Sure. I 📖 to them every night on the weekdays. I’m a hard discipline when it comes to their education, morals, and life cores. I support their ⭐️✨dreams and goals and encourage them to pursue them. I even go as far as to admit my own faults. I use them as examples of what 🚫🙅🏾‍♀️ to do and express profoundly the necessity of positive energy and friends.

I praise them to be themselves and no matter what never shame them for who they are. Even when society deems them as inappropriate or unethical. Because let’s face it💁🏾‍♀️ Nowadays, everyone thinks they know everything about everything and everyone. I am one of the few unlucky weird ones who admit, I don’t 🙋🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ And I’m comfortable with that. I want my kids to be comfortable too.

With that said, I’m not perfect. I cuss a lot 🤬 I say things inappropriate that I regret in front of my children that I have to sometimes rephrase or explain in “child lingo” 👦🏿 👑 👧🏿so they don’t get the wrong idea about dear ol’ mom. I’m crude. 🗣I say things like, “school hates parents because they keep letting you guys out” or “a whole week with you nerds is going to drive me insane. I need to find y’all some activities so y’all can get the fuck out of the house so I can have some grown-up fun,” and mean it😗

I don’t agree with the 🏫 I don’t attend activities. Princess is well, a princess. My prince of chaos, you get where I’m going. When he does get in trouble, depending on the circumstances, I don’t discipline him to their standards so I’m told I’m a disappointment by the principal 🤷🏾‍♀️

👩‍⚖️In my defense, I’m a firm believer in justice severed. What I mean by that is this is… 👩‍🏫Here is an example that actually happened a few days ago. Prince of Chaos was supposed to be taking a computer test. Instead, he was caught changing the coding. He was given a verbal warning AND told he was unable to attend the field trip the next day. Furious, he turned around in FRONT of the computer lab teacher and his homeroom teacher and began coding once more👨🏾‍💻🤦🏾‍♀️

His teacher called me after school to let me know he had got written up and wasn’t going on the field. I gave him a hard lecture about not doing his work… And getting caught😏😅 Yes, I’m a supporter of his hacks only if he’s not caught 🤔why? Because he has to start from somewhere. If he’s interested in coding at this age, I’m going to support him💯 . However, I have rules:

1️⃣ You can’t get caught

2️⃣ It can’t interfere with your education

📵His punishment:

No computer. No Fronite. No Roblox. No life for him. After a few hours, okay minutes, I admitted it was hilarious 😂 I laughed. Don’t get me wrong, I was disappointed in my prince. But I guess it surprised even me that he did what he did. So when the principal asked what my reaction was and he simply told her I laughed, of course, she was “disappointed”.

😒 WTFE Bruh💁🏾‍♀️

So yeah, I’m not the best mother. I totally admit that shit. I own it. My children knows it too. Would I change my behavior, knowing that I know this about myself🤔 No. I ❤️ who I am. I enjoy that I’m erratically 🙃🤪😝 Unpredictable. Intelligent. Unmanageable. I’m one of a kind. My children may not have the best mother but I’m pretty sure I’m not the worst, worst Mother. Oh, Lord I hope I’m not😬

Prince of Chaos 🎮 ▪️ Queen
K 👑 ▪️ Princess Temptress 🎀


The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.


#Boss Lady

It’s me your queen, K

☘️March 14th | 14:42

🤔Did I mention, I’m 29? Oh, with two children. Oh yeah, and I started my own business (#ebonaffects). Wait let me throw in the freelance journalist and the full-time job I’m blessed with. 😒So yeah, I’m not in the mood for games or men with lil boy mindsets who try to use me as some cash 🐄 ploy. Let me jus say that you cannot and will not get a dime from this woman. Not a penny. Not a cent. Not a dusty nickel. What about king?

To be honest with you, which I’m always am and I care less what the world has to say about my honesty, he fucking ghost me. What do I mean by he 👻👸🏿 👈🏿 Well, he disappeared. Without a trace type of shit. I won’t go into too much deets because I don’t really know myself. But I’m sure you can tell by my tone that I’m irritated, annoyed, and honestly fed the fuck up with all this bullshit. 🙇🏿‍♀️Come on, kings and queens🤦🏿‍♀️

🤨How hard is it to send a text or message or call or anything to someone you love that you’re in a depressive funk and you rather be alone for a while 🤷🏿‍♀️ And this is from someone who is medically diagnosed with bipolar and major depression. Instead, you read all the messages and CHOSE not to reply and EXPECT ME to be okay with it. Then I got this grown ass man with this boy mentality in my inbox on messenger with this bull💩 Talking about, “you not giving me no money.”

😤Um hold up ✋🏿 and fuck you 🖕🏿

You’re in my 📩 Ima need for you to move around with that nonsense because you have pissed off the wrong person. 🤦🏿‍♀️Wtf is wrong people nowadays? Where are their morals? Men out here are worse than women. Or is it me? I have never done anyone the way these mothea fuckas think they can do me. I’m not perfect. I need Jesus in my life jus like everyone else, but I would NEVER 🙅🏿do what these assholes have done to me. ❌NEVER❌. It’s not right. Seriously! Jus…

😐 G T F O H🤦🏿‍♀️

We are too grown for this nonsense. I didn’t come to THEM asking for anything. In fact, I wouldn’t have known they existed until they reached out to me. 😑 So go ahead and climb off that 🐎 for me bruh 🤠 When I meet someone, I ask for ✌🏿 simple things: Respect and honesty. The rest we can build on and figure along the way. If you can’t bring them two core values then please back the fuck off. Because I’m two minutes from Sally punching a nigga in the throat if I get crossed again.

#Ijs 💁🏿

#Rant Over Queens and Kings


Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith.


Merry Christmas


December 25th | 20:04

I wish, I could say, I’m blogging tonight on good terms. I am experiencing another one of life lil choices. Before I go into the choice, I would like to provide a lil backstory. October 2011, I met a guy who had potential to be more than what he appeared. I believed and trusted and kept thinking that in due time he will see what loving a family means. A year later we had our precious princess. I ignored the signs that told me otherwise, that this man, who I truly wanted to become more than what he was, was not that man. Yet a snake in the grass. He cheated. He lied. Manipulated. Twisted the one thing he knew he could twist and bend and took advantage of me like a fiddle. A repeated song, that played for 6 years until finally, after nearly losing my life, my family, and myself, I broke free.

Now, though I want nothing to do with this snake, we have a princess together and I couldn’t jus take her father from her, even though he sat for 6 years of her life on the couch, on the bed, smoking marijuana and playing videos games. He had no real contribute to her life other than his mother who he ripped off with lies about how he needed money to do this and that. I put up with that when were together. Thinking that I didn’t have to suffer to that lack of ambiguous and self-resilient life, I bent backwards and forward to co-parent with this man and now his girlfriend/ “wife”.  

Yea, I know. It seems like I’m jus the jealous ex. Slandering the father of her daughter because they’re not together. Please, believe me when I say this: leaving him was the healthiest and righteous thing I could do for me and my children. I have no envious bone towards what they built. But I do have a problem with the environment if I feel like its unhealthy for princess. Again, seems like jealousy. Maybe a lil part of me is jealous that his good for nothin ass found someone else but I’m not surprised and has or ever will plan to homewreck what they have. I sincerely despised the man with an eternal flame that ignited the 1st year of our relationship and has been blazing since. What I dislike about this family that the 8-year-old girl or 10-year-old boy have no respect for their mother and talks quite awful about her mother’s new partner. Though I don’t blame them. He is truly poison.

These children are subjected to a life that is not heavily impacted by education, which bothers me so because education is highly important to me and is the foundation of a better future. Instead these children run with no shoes nor warm clothing in below temperature weather. Honestly, I feel very judgmental, but I believe it’s what I overhear and what I observe that is unnerving. They have no respect for their parents and jus explode with anger when they disagree with their parents and she does nothing to address it. It happens so much that my own princess believed that she too could do that. I attempted to plead with her father and his girlfriend my concerns, but they disregarded it like I spat nonsense. I do not like being disrespected, especially by a child. I’ve tried, and God knows how I tried to co-parent. But truth be told, I’ve been raising my children alone all this time, I don’t want any help. I can’t fathom how they can live with no furniture but have money to splurge on junk and drugs.

I know very well it’s me. I do not want my children around that type of living. They’ve already isolated my son saying that he can’t come over their place yet let their children do what they want. So, tonight I gave in to the hate broiling inside and told her father she would not be over his house or around that family as much. I am restricting her from that environment and him. I know, I’m the bad mom. The bitch. The jealous ex. Whatever. Call me what you feel. But I am done working things out.  I am done trying to get along with people who are not serious about their children future.

She’s going to hate me I know, my princess. But I’m willingly to bite that bullet. Fuck with everyone else has to say. Fuck how everyone else will feel. I truly and for the first time, do not give a fuck. I am exhausted.

For now on, I am that petty bitch. That “baby mama” who does everything in her right to get what she deserves, especially when it comes to my children.

I am now playing the role of the villain.



December 15th | 14:52

It’s a day after my release from a mental health hospital. i admittingly was forced to go because of my poor choice of words I used with the ER counselor on the 11th. I admit. I was depressed with no visible salvation but homeliness and despair. Its been a tiring month, honestly. I assume things would be rainbows and glitter once I moved. How wrong was I. The job I enjoyed and was blessed to have slipped from my fingers loosely like butter. Everything happened so fast, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening to and around me until I melted in my own mental illness. Truth be told, I allow it to take over me. I ran out of options to move forward so I figured what the hell, mind as well. It cost me three days away from children, which isn’t my first rodeo but is the first that I shed no tears.

Something happened in the mental health hospital that I can’t figure out right now. I know it has something to do with my emotional impact homeliness and around me. It feels as if the soft part of me, the only soft rainbows and, hardened. Now, I am afraid of nothing. I fear nothing but my own to have moved forward. O, the guy I inadvertently fell in love also will my own lack of compromise. I’m sure one day I will soften but I don’t know when. of options, my heart is heavy with love and that love keeps me from doing what I three do for myself and children. Well, it did. Not anymore. I honestly grew that I the feelings of others. You don’t like the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I do the things that I do then fuck off.

Yes, that’s where I am now in life. Emotional wise. I haven’t given up love or feelings jus that it will take a lot or certain buttons need to be press beforeI come to a conscious of caring. I used to think about theirs. How would they feel if I did what I did? Well, not anymore. I did my last Godly deed from the kindnessof my heart when I gave O 150$ so he can get out of prison and spend time withhis family for Christmas. It’s a lil sad but I do not care if he lied to me formonths about our relationship. If he decided to walk away from me then it ishis choice and I hope and pray he doesn’t look back because I will not be thereto take him back. In truth I am exhausted. Perpetually annoyed over the lack ofappreciation I received from those who claim to love me. Beside my parents, mysister, my brother, my best friend and children there’s no one who shares theamount of love that I have for them. So, in truth, I guess, I’m over helping others.I’m unfeeling and worn. Exhausted of these false love and fake relationships. Screwthem all to hell. I deserve better. My whole life I’ve tried to do good byothers. I’m done trying.

A family member was arrested on the 7th and had the audacity to use my name so she couldn’t face jail time. She has made a grave mistake that she will soon understand. There is so much one can take and I have had my limit. I’m not changing nor bending for anyone at least not truthfully. This “good girl” persona that everyone seems to label me is, well, exactly what I need to show whoever cross me jus have devious and diabolical I can be. I know two wrongs doesn’t make a right. That is not good to seek vengeance on those who does harm to me but I don’t care. Not anymore. One thing most are forgetting that I do not jus improve my intellectual being to further my career as a writer and graphic designer.

I shall kill everyone that oppose and threatened my pack with the utmost kindness and a smile they will never forget.

autumn choices


November 25th | 15:18

The wind knocks my screen door hard against the railing, sending a poor Bear alert with each thud. It breaths sharp steel through my body even with a thick jacket. It’s cold. It’s gloomy. Perfect for writing and thinking comfortably in the warmth of my bedroom.

This year I’ve learned so much about myself. not the self I started with. But the self I transformed after experiencing and understanding where and who I am in life. My faith is strong. I know, I need to read His words more. Only then will I have a better of understanding of our King and his mission to bring happiness and mercy upon all his children. I have no excuses for why I am not reading His words. I believe a part of me is terrified to learn the truth of what Father is capable of. I don’t think any child wants to see their parents suffering but doing so jus brings me closer to Him, which I want very much.

I’ve been alone for this past week. The babies have spent most of their time with their dad. I encourage them to. There’s nothing here in our home. There is no gas to keep them and their bellies warm. No proper plumbing to release their waste without strife. It’s difficult holding on, looking forward, but I have managed. However, my children do not understand. Tho they try to so hard comprehend, especially my big man.

It leaves me more time to concentrate on me… everything I’ve done in the past and put aside thinking it’s no longer me has returned in a colorful and welcoming realization. I am an artist of many trades. I am a writer who creates stories from my soul and mind. A designer who hungers to bring the flamboyant rainbow to a perspective that everyone can understand. And a sketch artist who frees her inner demons and godly blessing on to paper to capture the idea before it leaves my mind. They all work together, unified. One always helping the other. It’s beautiful knowing who you are because in truth it really doesn’t matter what others think or say because I am satisfied.

I came to that understanding while soul searching. There’s a lot of people who look for others to pin the blame on. Some unintentionally and other viciously to save their own ass. We all have a choice unless that choice made was forced upon us. The choices we make determine the path we walk. We make our own choices. No one makes them for us. It bothered me when one wants to blame God or Lord Savior Jesus for their predicament or circumstances, forgetting they are not the only beings in our world. Earth is the balance between Heaven and Hell. The choices I make determines where I head. God and Satan do not make us do anything. They simply show a pathway to walk, it is my decisions to follow either lead.

I think this way about life, about people, about everything. It’s not right to cast our opinions forcefully on to others, brainwashing or bribing one to do what the other wants them to do. I think most do not understand that logical way of life. As children and teens and young adults, we tend to follow the leads of others, searching for our own path. It is when we start seeing the difference between right and wrong. Want vs need. Common sense vs illusions that we begin to comprehend who we are.

I am so much more than I thought. I am blessed to gain this sight of realization. One can call me a modern-day hippie hehe because I am at peace with what I’ve become. I love her. I love me. She’s everything I wanted and more and like most, I was blind to see that person looking back at me.

I found you, love.
I found me.

🌼stay tuned for more life is never fair🌼

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