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Clouds are scarce in the night sky. Light rain pitter patter on princess’s pink umbrella. Her boots strap cling against the leather. Crickets and other insects I rather not imagine sing in the night. Streetlights shine on the roads like dissolve rose gold.

Again my heart flutter. Again it shudders. I wonder if it was I. I wonder if it was something I lack. It was never my fault but because I believed so, I broke. Crumpled. Collapsed. I beat my mind. Shame my heart. But it was never I.

Not alone.

There’s a misunderstanding about my character. He would assume the genuinely conservative feelings I express where all too genuine.

Blind to the unfiltered weakness he sought. It is these feelings that curl when touched with the slightest tone.

They are my flaws. 

What I say is real. What I do is true. It’s that unbelievable notion that will always be my undoing. 

karen 🌼 excerpt & cover art

“Watch it, T.” Her father warned. “It was a worthwhile investment. After that last stunt, we don’t have room to complain.”
“It wasn’t my fault.” Toni leaned against the car. She shut her eyes, remembering the ghastly figure in her parent’s room. Tucked in the corner by her father’s computer desk in the closet. The rufescent pool underneath his chair. The pounding in her ears, watching the spirit depart from the body. She didn’t ask to be there, like she didn’t ask to be here.
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– a paranormal short story
🌼designed and written by yours truly🌼 this short can be found under great ol’ wip 🌼

note 4

i love autumn’s randomness.

the cool nights. 

the warm afternoons.

the butterfly visits.

it reminds me that all life transition at some point.

that life itself is an ugly yet beautiful journey.

that the best way to live is to simply take it day by day.

to let what drifts,  drift.

to let what falls, fall.

it’s the randomness that keep us on our toes.

that keep us anxious for the next day.

that keeps life interesting

-ks original

note 3

though each year brings us uncertain advances, changes.

nature will remain a natural beauty, displaying the colors of our souls


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