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a walk

☕August 3rd | 8:12 pm

as an artist i believe we see the world a tad different from others. when the sun sets it’s jus not an orange and yellow glow. it’s a bursting of bright tones, ranging from the different shades of yellow. orange. red. the sky isn’t jus blue and pink. it’s a collide of colors stretching across the earth. it’s fascinating. walking has it’s benefits. wouldn’t you agree?🤔💭

👩🏾‍🎓when worlds collide

👋🏾hello friends. this week (past week or so) is a lil busy. kiddos are out of school for summer, amid job searching and doing what I must to get my name and brand out in the world🤯 it’s a lot for someone who spent most of their life procrastinating their own growth. i’m overwhelmed more than usual lately. mainly because of the kids bickering and fighting over lil words (princess) or ragin over every damn loss on the xbox (prince). it’s difficult being an official single parent. but i got this. What happened to me and princess’s father? well, our difference finally got the best of us. four years of ‘being the bigger person’ in a six-year relationship finally melted my psychic.

i deserve more damnit! i deserve someone who not only loves me but wants to do as much for me as I for them. so, we separated. like prince’s father, princess’s too stepped out of their life with the excuse that he’s ‘workin’ 🤨😐yea, okay.

however, i do admit it. it could be me. but I’m quite sure it’s not. I’m faithful. Loyal. And when I give my heart. I give it. not a quarter. not half. all of it💁🏾‍♀️ but that’s me.

as of late ebon affects is my focus. with graduation around the cornerthe assignments are tailored to career and brand development, which is a lil weird feelin for some odd reason?

🎉👏🏾 want to applaud everyone who succeeded in their entrepreneur career. its damn hard! but you kept at it and now you’re reeling in your accomplishments. sincerely, you’re awesome🤝🏾

that’s where i am now. i’ve set the foundation and now i’m building my castle.

Clientele #1 had a few more edits before the official embroidery design. yea, cool right? i designed a logo that’s going to be ironed on polo shirts. representing creative elegance planning and ebon affects. local advertising is a lil excitin😎Basic RGB

i am in more in tune with my Lord father. i feel there is more i need to learn before i can come at peace with the knowledge that circles around Him. my faith is guiding me. i’m taking that step forward. that queasy and unfamiliar step forward. alone. as it should be. everyone at some point in their life must walk their own journey. it’s a self-accomplishment victory thing that boosts you more than anything.

Check out my latest inspiration in honored of 🎆Independence 🎉Day 4th of July🎇

🎇Nora Roberts Quote🎆
🎆Divyanka Tripaythi Quote🎇

☕coffee break

it’s been the most eye-revealing weeks i’ve experience thus far, and i know its goin to continue to get better. i jus have to keep up with what i’m doin. i see the positive changes as it takes form in to a beautiful flower of opportunities.

current desktop wallpaper

i do consider myself broken. emotionally. mentally. i allowed my past to define my future. understanding the cause of my unhappiness is one thing. it’s easier to wallow and sulk in the knowing. but comin up with a solution to end the despondent nights alone, crying with no reason other than my own self-loathing and guilt; is another thing.

it takes a lot to cross that threshold of certainty. relief. purpose. it’s not jus any pass way. everythin believed to be buried or forgotten comes back in a problematic arithmetic (binge on Sherlock on Netflix 😋) of memories and the only way to cross is to recognize, understand, and forgive yourself for whatevea which lingers on your mind. no matter the time frame of its existence.

in a way it’s like how Sherlock Holmes process information. words, images, and mostly emotions flood through me all at once. now i have this truth that only i collected. i can’t blame anyone. i can try, but my conscious will subtly remind me of the choices i’ve made.

it felt like i was holding my breath for what seems as forever and then finally gave in to my body’s awesome involuntary precautions to stay alive. i went through that water dumping minor electrifying feelin… and crossed my threshold.

this quote is from an anime series called Black Butler… ❤❤❤ 😍Sebestian😍

yup this woman here is blooming. my first fresh breath of prosperity was sending my resume with a link to my online portfolio to the local magazine and newspaper.

started back writing. used Tellus, my baby yet to be birth, as an example of my artsy capabilities

that same day i had an interview with the editor. i feel official. the position requires exploring, writing with constructive feedback, and photographing Bartlesville.

🙌🏾woot woot🙌🏾

…all with a possibility of some coins!! Don’t get me wrong, i’ll be down if my article isn’t chosen but the adventure! the experience!


a few updates:

school is awesome. currently takin the last course before i get them certificate papers😊😁

clientele #1 loves her logo:

and of course, over at ebon affects the inspirations keep coming inspiring all my queens out there!

*side note* 🎶Babylon by Brendan Perry Ark has a very nice opening.

i am a designer. a strategist. a creative visionary and i am honored to have awesome followers like you🌼 thank you 💕

🚪goin places👣

oh my heavenly goodness, friends. words cannot explain the jubilate feelin i’ve had since the last time we spoke, which was nine days btw. yup, ol’ truly here has nothin but wonderful news to share. first, i want to thank you, friends. you’ve stayed by my side through all the emotional turmoil and i hope you will continue to follow me on this rugged haystack of a journey. so, thank you so much. virtual sweets for everyone!


don’t eat them all right away now you don’t want a virtual tummy or toothache. princess is my physical therapist. she lets me know when i’ve eaten too much that it’d hurt my tummy later. how awesome is that? free service with outstanding hospitality 👑this queen has it made.

now, friendly butterflies, for business talk… school is amazing after my previous lil downfall, idk, something happen. it sounds absurd, yes, i know, but it happened. i did a complete 180°

i’m back on the A lane, which is awesome because i have to pass my last two courses with a B or higher. not that i wasn’t already shootin for a high grade but knowing the tremendous consequences if i fail stimulates me to move forward.

school update

*side note* i’m eating healthier even ate purple onions. mom attempted to hide them in my salad😒 they were as minced as an ice cube. she literally thought she hide them well too. like seriously, mom 😆 this diet is working quite well for me. i have lots of energy so all-nighters aren’t that horrendous. add coffee and a son whose jus a spontaneously silly as i am and i have a mini breakroom party🎉 #CoffeeIsLife

alright alright alright🙌 logo is coming nicely for mama T’s (my client😁) wedding planning business.

logo updatee
client logo

portfolio is also blooming and i estimated i should have it presentable no later by the first week of May.


ks port hpg
finished the header

i’m touching up a few media strategy and analysis assignments ive completed in a prior course. one week we had to create a book press release and backgrounder (i used my current WIP Tellus as the subject). i deleted the Photoshop files, not in the hell sure why 🤦‍♀️ tho, so i’m jus uploading the JPEG or PDF file 💁‍♀️ #ShitHappens

i’ve saved the best for last of course. remember i told you that if i ever get one of my stories published i’ll tell you… well it’s not published but my blog did grab the attention of a communication specialist for Z Publishing. Check out the email:OMG_YES!!

yes. yes. and yes, 💃💃 i squealed like the cute and adorable Agnes from Despicable Me. and then i gave my mom a huge, squeezing all the energy built from this glorious opportunity on to (1)

i may have squeezed a lil hard…






one woman two passions

🙌’all right all right all right’ (ridiculous 6 reference, which i’ve watched over ten times, i believe in two weeks. i’m not keepin track but princess and bubba are😆… i know pretty much know every line). there is so much i want to discuss. first, i’m goin through a depression slump from realizing the seriousness of the transition i’m making. i’m leaving my familiar to explore what i have yet to venture.

i’ve gathered and sorted through the short stories that i’ve written over the years and picked out the ones that best captures my artistic personality…hopefully, establishing a distinctive writing style of my own 🤞


hit the 2,000 word mark so far and i’m jus in the middle of the story

i’m on page 13 and there are 28 handwritten pages; front and back

i believe all the stories i plan to revise with polish and glitters are the ones i’ve already posted on here; which are craving candy, undying spring, winter repression, and karen excluding one or two. the exciting part is that i will be designing the artwork that will go along with each story😁

yes, friends, i am a busy woman… finally, busy with a purpose #GoLife besides my lovely writer endeavors, im working on freelance designs to post on Instagram. ebon affects will always be a place to encourage queens and princess of all ages to be happy in their own skin, which everyone should because we all are one of a kind. i’ve started on a few without type but… as i sit here typing i solved my own question on how to share my artwork. i’m going to create two images that share one story🤩🙌 ebon affects is adding new content🙌

soft spring
WIP fairy garden
WIP sakura ninja