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👩🏾‍🎓when worlds collide

👋🏾hello friends. this week (past week or so) is a lil busy. kiddos are out of school for summer, amid job searching and doing what I must to get my name and brand out in the world🤯 it’s a lot for someone who spent most of their life procrastinating their own growth. i’m overwhelmed more than usual lately. mainly because of the kids bickering and fighting over lil words (princess) or ragin over every damn loss on the xbox (prince). it’s difficult being an official single parent. but i got this. What happened to me and princess’s father? well, our difference finally got the best of us. four years of ‘being the bigger person’ in a six-year relationship finally melted my psychic.

i deserve more damnit! i deserve someone who not only loves me but wants to do as much for me as I for them. so, we separated. like prince’s father, princess’s too stepped out of their life with the excuse that he’s ‘workin’ 🤨😐yea, okay.

however, i do admit it. it could be me. but I’m quite sure it’s not. I’m faithful. Loyal. And when I give my heart. I give it. not a quarter. not half. all of it💁🏾‍♀️ but that’s me.

as of late ebon affects is my focus. with graduation around the cornerthe assignments are tailored to career and brand development, which is a lil weird feelin for some odd reason?

🎉👏🏾 want to applaud everyone who succeeded in their entrepreneur career. its damn hard! but you kept at it and now you’re reeling in your accomplishments. sincerely, you’re awesome🤝🏾

that’s where i am now. i’ve set the foundation and now i’m building my castle.

Clientele #1 had a few more edits before the official embroidery design. yea, cool right? i designed a logo that’s going to be ironed on polo shirts. representing creative elegance planning and ebon affects. local advertising is a lil excitin😎Basic RGB

i am in more in tune with my Lord father. i feel there is more i need to learn before i can come at peace with the knowledge that circles around Him. my faith is guiding me. i’m taking that step forward. that queasy and unfamiliar step forward. alone. as it should be. everyone at some point in their life must walk their own journey. it’s a self-accomplishment victory thing that boosts you more than anything.

Check out my latest inspiration in honored of 🎆Independence 🎉Day 4th of July🎇

🎇Nora Roberts Quote🎆
🎆Divyanka Tripaythi Quote🎇

st. patty day massacare☘

St. Patrick’s Day is closin in and for the first time and a very long time, i’m excited to start writing. i didn’t know much about the holiday so i did a lil self study and learned quite a bout good ol’ St. Patrick. …📖🧠a Christian converting Irish folks 🤔


friends, these past few months have been tryin. i need to unwind and i know a few people i would like to decapitate in this short but i’ll leave that decision to the characters.


happy birthday me

it’s been a minute my friends. 2018 has approached and now i’m making my way into the month like a warrior trampling enemy territory. i have faced many trails, testing my will, faith, and heart.  i have seen the me in the past and the me now. we are not as different than as i’d hope. we crossed the same bridges. fell through the same holes. shed the same tears.

the wound inflicted on my 28th birthday gouged any hope of returning to normal. my instincts are heightened, and i know it’s time to jump in to something new. something positive. something that makes surviving livable. and i have.

🌼‘if you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change your attitude’ maya angelou🌼

no way in hell i’m going to continue sacrificing for an enthralling peter pan story. as much as it hurts, i let go. i let go to what i believed was normal. i’m honest with myself and it stings. i just admitted to myself that iwas a n00b. bacon hair as bubba calls them. level one all over again. i also admitted my weakness, reality and the possibilities. it’s terrifying, i’m sure my anxiety is the culprit for my blood pressure raising.

but, i’m a thousand Kamehameha! sure there’s nothing waiting for me doting on what could be. i know something is going to happen now and i know, i’m going to curse myself a hundred thousand Kamehameha times, but i’m moving forward✌

and that is where i stand to this day

how was your new year friends?

🎃 finally a reason to be scary

21 days until Halloween and I’ve been designing like crazy to celebrate. I mean, who doesn’t like Halloween, right? Free 🍬. i can dress like kid and no one will think i’ve lost it. and, my favorite… trick, trick, trick.

0.2_burrowed hole