I’m Not My Cycle, I’m Me


Birds chirp spring delight. The sun warms my face as cool wind breeze by. As I walk down the sidewalk, numb and callous I can’t help to wonder what went wrong with my life.

I’m here again in a predicament where I’m forced to uproot with a broken heart and confuse. My greatest sin was and still is that I love others more than I love myself. And at the end of every dance. Every song. Every sweet nothing. I’m alone. Words are the most powerful weapon a human can use against another. It can break us. Lift us. Inspire us. Torment us. Words are dangerous. Even a simple-minded fool can twist his tongue and produce a sentence to seduce an enchantress.

I know these things, yet I fall prey to these tactics so often that I question my own identity. I tell my children to watch what they say. Choose their words wisely. That even the words they don’t speak can leave a scar so deep it gashes a person’s innermost so be careful with what they don’t say too.

Then there’s me. Great at giving advice. Not so much at implementing. Guess we all have our downfalls. Mine, again, has done its job and I have fallen into a murky pit of my own despair. Despite, everything that has happened to me. The numbing. The callousing. The fear of giving my heart to another, I’m hopeful.

I’m hopeful that’ll I stop this cycle. That I’ll break free because I’m tired. Jus when I think I’ve found the answers to all my problems, I’m pushed back by the reality of life. The harsh truth of the words from those I love and care deeply for. I love too hard, yes. I care too deep, yes. It is something, I’m learning about myself. I probably would never change and might not want to.

Instead, I need to trust my innermost. When I feel the change. The sudden concerning that something isn’t right, I need to trust those feelings. Because they have been right so far. I jus been ignoring them. Conclusion, March ends. I’m swollen in tears. Overwhelmed with moving, keeping ahead of school so I can graduate with my associates in June, staying a productive and efficient employer and entrepreneur all while striving to be the best single parent I can be. 

This shit isn’t easy. But no one said life would be. 

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