#Boss Lady

It’s me your queen, K

☘️March 14th | 14:42

🤔Did I mention, I’m 29? Oh, with two children. Oh yeah, and I started my own business (#ebonaffects). Wait let me throw in the freelance journalist and the full-time job I’m blessed with. 😒So yeah, I’m not in the mood for games or men with lil boy mindsets who try to use me as some cash 🐄 ploy. Let me jus say that you cannot and will not get a dime from this woman. Not a penny. Not a cent. Not a dusty nickel. What about king?

To be honest with you, which I’m always am and I care less what the world has to say about my honesty, he fucking ghost me. What do I mean by he 👻👸🏿 👈🏿 Well, he disappeared. Without a trace type of shit. I won’t go into too much deets because I don’t really know myself. But I’m sure you can tell by my tone that I’m irritated, annoyed, and honestly fed the fuck up with all this bullshit. 🙇🏿‍♀️Come on, kings and queens🤦🏿‍♀️

🤨How hard is it to send a text or message or call or anything to someone you love that you’re in a depressive funk and you rather be alone for a while 🤷🏿‍♀️ And this is from someone who is medically diagnosed with bipolar and major depression. Instead, you read all the messages and CHOSE not to reply and EXPECT ME to be okay with it. Then I got this grown ass man with this boy mentality in my inbox on messenger with this bull💩 Talking about, “you not giving me no money.”

😤Um hold up ✋🏿 and fuck you 🖕🏿

You’re in my 📩 Ima need for you to move around with that nonsense because you have pissed off the wrong person. 🤦🏿‍♀️Wtf is wrong people nowadays? Where are their morals? Men out here are worse than women. Or is it me? I have never done anyone the way these mothea fuckas think they can do me. I’m not perfect. I need Jesus in my life jus like everyone else, but I would NEVER 🙅🏿do what these assholes have done to me. ❌NEVER❌. It’s not right. Seriously! Jus…

😐 G T F O H🤦🏿‍♀️

We are too grown for this nonsense. I didn’t come to THEM asking for anything. In fact, I wouldn’t have known they existed until they reached out to me. 😑 So go ahead and climb off that 🐎 for me bruh 🤠 When I meet someone, I ask for ✌🏿 simple things: Respect and honesty. The rest we can build on and figure along the way. If you can’t bring them two core values then please back the fuck off. Because I’m two minutes from Sally punching a nigga in the throat if I get crossed again.

#Ijs 💁🏿

#Rant Over Queens and Kings


Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith.


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