A weekend with princess 👑 Bubba spent this weekend with his best friend (🤓😁 thank goodness. Love that prince but the atomic tantrums he throws when he loses at Fornite or Roblox is 😫😖😤😒😑😑😑😒🙄😑).

I haven’t wrote a blog post in some time now. Though, the 💭💭 occurred often you’d think I’d sit my ass down and actually type the darn thing 🤔🤔 why haven’t I⁉️

Good 🧐

There’s only one reason; and it’s applied to the many other fails in my life that’s transpired in a short time… There’s 🐒🐒🐒🐵🐵🐒🐒🐒 on my back. The amount of monkey emojis is not for exaggerated emphasis. I have a serious team of procrastinating monkeys leading me down a sloppy hill of binge eating, goofing off, and feeling sorry for myself.

I’m way too😳😳😳 to go into great detail at this moment, but know I’ve gained over 10lbs in about a week’s time🐖🐷🐮🐄 Which includes actively🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏋️ my diet outweighs the amount of calories I burn🔥🔥😤😔 Yea. That’s a post for another date.

So, I’m chunky and know it and trying to find a healthy way to lose and maintain the loss without falling prey to life’s mayhem 😩😩 Crawling from a depression slump is like climbing out of a deep well. The light grows with each ascend. But the rocks are slick and slippery and some of them are too wedge in its place to climb up. A touch-type of memorization puzzle 😕🧠🤔💭 Kind of like the movie, Jigsaw.

I’m not out the 🕳️ yet. I found a stable path. I’m preparing for a consistent comeback. It involves 💲 a 🚲next week and 🚴‍♀️around 🏙️🌇 eating 🍏🍎🥗🥙 and 🏋️💪 at least three times a week. I’m not going😅❄️🦃 I’m slowly coming off the 🍬🍭🍫 substituting with 🥗🍉 and drinking 🚰 before a 🥞🍳,🍱, and 🍲.

However… This weekend I made it a girl’s weekend. It’s rare I have one child without the other. When the opportunity rises for a lil 1️⃣on1️⃣ I’m hands on.

👸 and I have a serious addiction 😂 #FunnyNotFunny 😅 Explains some of the weight gain😂😅 I can laugh about it because I recognize my weakness and taking steps to reconcile the unhealthy behavior. No way I’m saying, I won’t fall prey. Jus saying, I know the problem🤷

Besides the incredible diet, we role played Five Nights of Freddy’s with her adorable tiny toys 😍😍😍♥️ her creativity but not a two-hour fan of pretending to be three characters. The difference between 📝 and 🎬 The delete button.