life. well, a lot has happened professionally since the last post. words can’t really describe the productivity and awesomeness that has manifested.

Designs by Ebon is officially open! i am now taking in clientele. if you’re interested or know anyone who is looking for a digital artist/ graphic designer, i am your gal. i charge $75 a project. i won’t go into detail here but you can check out ebonaffects.com for more info.

with all the hype how can i top? i know! i have another client! yay! C#2: he’s a local businessman. we met through Instagram. i’m designing the logo he will use to brand his casual line. nice right? this go ‘round you’ll be able to see each step from the beginning sketch to the final announcement.  follow me on Instagram @ebonaffects / or Designs by Ebon on Facebook. most of my designs progress will be posted on social media. so, let’s tread this road to success together.