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i have a choice. even when i’m surrounded by darkness, i have a choice.

it’s been a minute. life’s gracious winds has blown me to an unfamiliar land. the worst part is that i cannot plan ahead like i used to. and when i mean ahead, i mean many weeks if possible. the whole daily regimen is exhausting. confusing. lots of anxiety but few depressive episodes, so in truth i cannot really complain. my therapist and i have had a very long discussion about love and… Read More

June 13th 2018 i’ve been having trouble. trouble as in i’ve lost myself somehow if that is possible again, yes. my mother came over. i felt like things had drastically stepped back. and in a way it did. i stepped back. i coiled inside myself. is it possible to lose oneself in an instance? i lost the part of me that is meticulous. the part of me that kept everyone, and everything… Read More

summer update. how are you? talk to me friends! i’d love to read your blog if you have one! don’t be shy now

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