☕coffee break

it’s been the most eye-revealing weeks i’ve experience thus far, and i know its goin to continue to get better. i jus have to keep up with what i’m doin. i see the positive changes as it takes form in to a beautiful flower of opportunities.


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i do consider myself broken. emotionally. mentally. i allowed my past to define my future. understanding the cause of my unhappiness is one thing. it’s easier to wallow and sulk in the knowing. but comin up with a solution to end the despondent nights alone, crying with no reason other than my own self-loathing and guilt; is another thing.

it takes a lot to cross that threshold of certainty. relief. purpose. it’s not jus any pass way. everythin believed to be buried or forgotten comes back in a problematic arithmetic (binge on Sherlock on Netflix 😋) of memories and the only way to cross is to recognize, understand, and forgive yourself for whatevea which lingers on your mind. no matter the time frame of its existence.

in a way it’s like how Sherlock Holmes process information. words, images, and mostly emotions flood through me all at once. now i have this truth that only i collected. i can’t blame anyone. i can try, but my conscious will subtly remind me of the choices i’ve made.

it felt like i was holding my breath for what seems as forever and then finally gave in to my body’s awesome involuntary precautions to stay alive. i went through that water dumping minor electrifying feelin… and crossed my threshold.


this quote is from an anime series called Black Butler… ❤❤❤ 😍Sebestian😍

yup this woman here is blooming. my first fresh breath of prosperity was sending my resume with a link to my online portfolio to the local magazine and newspaper.

started back writing. used Tellus, my baby yet to be birth, as an example of my artsy capabilities

that same day i had an interview with the editor. i feel official. the position requires exploring, writing with constructive feedback, and photographing Bartlesville.


🙌🏾woot woot🙌🏾

…all with a possibility of some coins!! Don’t get me wrong, i’ll be down if my article isn’t chosen but the adventure! the experience!


a few updates:

school is awesome. currently takin the last course before i get them certificate papers😊😁

clientele #1 loves her logo:

and of course, over at ebon affects the inspirations keep coming inspiring all my queens out there!

*side note* 🎶Babylon by Brendan Perry Ark has a very nice opening.

i am a designer. a strategist. a creative visionary and i am honored to have awesome followers like you🌼 thank you 💕