karen 🌼 excerpt & cover art

“Watch it, T.” Her father warned. “It was a worthwhile investment. After that last stunt, we don’t have room to complain.”
“It wasn’t my fault.” Toni leaned against the car. She shut her eyes, remembering the ghastly figure in her parent’s room. Tucked in the corner by her father’s computer desk in the closet. The rufescent pool underneath his chair. The pounding in her ears, watching the spirit depart from the body. She didn’t ask to be there, like she didn’t ask to be here.
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– a paranormal short story
🌼designed and written by yours truly🌼 this short can be found under great ol’ wip 🌼

one woman two passions

🙌’all right all right all right’ (ridiculous 6 reference, which i’ve watched over ten times, i believe in two weeks. i’m not keepin track but princess and bubba are😆… i know pretty much know every line). there is so much i want to discuss. first, i’m goin through a depression slump from realizing the seriousness of the transition i’m making. i’m leaving my familiar to explore what i have yet to venture.

i’ve gathered and sorted through the short stories that i’ve written over the years and picked out the ones that best captures my artistic personality…hopefully, establishing a distinctive writing style of my own 🤞


hit the 2,000 word mark so far and i’m jus in the middle of the story


i’m on page 13 and there are 28 handwritten pages; front and back

i believe all the stories i plan to revise with polish and glitters are the ones i’ve already posted on here; which are craving candy, undying spring, winter repression, and karen excluding one or two. the exciting part is that i will be designing the artwork that will go along with each story😁

yes, friends, i am a busy woman… finally, busy with a purpose #GoLife besides my lovely writer endeavors, im working on freelance designs to post on Instagram. ebon affects will always be a place to encourage queens and princess of all ages to be happy in their own skin, which everyone should because we all are one of a kind. i’ve started on a few without type but… as i sit here typing i solved my own question on how to share my artwork. i’m going to create two images that share one story🤩🙌 ebon affects is adding new content🙌

soft spring

WIP fairy garden


WIP sakura ninja


green thumb beginnings

spring time is approaching🙌 yay! i’m ready. so over the cold❄☃ of course with every season change, my allergens are at its highest, nose stuffy and drippy, wrecking havoc all of my face😢 it takes a couple of weeks to adjust then outside fun for me 🌱 my babies are excited about springtime too. spring is the beginning bud for all the lovely greens in the world.


February 26th 2018

some fool stole my son’s bike yesterday. i failed my course for a second time and may not be able to continue the program, diminishing the chances of getting a certificate in media communications. i’m swamped with exhaustion, anxiety. my mind races in a speed even i cannot comprehend. words flood my mind. i’m floating, no sinking to the dark depths of my conscious where my depression slumbers.
i have been doing so swell, emotional wise. i haven’t broke into tears in the grocery store or withdrawn myself from society. i’m constantly journaling, designing, searchin for new ideas to express my abilities. yet i feel a darkness churning in my gut. i’ve decided to move out of Oklahoma to a state where there are job opportunities for an entry level writer, designer, and/ or photographer. i’m goin to explore all these channels. i’m excited to see how far i’d go. i’ve already started working on my WordPress portfolio for each. this is one hell of an adventure. for the first time, in years, i am occupied 24/7. i have flutterflies in my stomach jus thinkin about the possibilities. of course, it’s not wise to jus up and go, especially since i have lil ones that depend on me.
i admit, i have a plan. but where do i start? lucky for me, i have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow. i have some bombs to drop. i hope we can shift through my tangle thoughts to figure a plan. at this point, my friends, i’m kind of drowning.

depression (dp) vent 🌼 ongoing – 02-26-18

st. patty day massacare☘

St. Patrick’s Day is closin in and for the first time and a very long time, i’m excited to start writing. i didn’t know much about the holiday so i did a lil self study and learned quite a bout good ol’ St. Patrick. …📖🧠a Christian converting Irish folks 🤔


friends, these past few months have been tryin. i need to unwind and i know a few people i would like to decapitate in this short but i’ll leave that decision to the characters.