centralizing ks 🌼

i started reading to the kids at night. the classic ol’ bedtime story. it’s amazing how something as simple as reading to your kids before bed can domino positive vibes 😊i have not been happier, to be quite honest💯

but sometimes i wonder if being single, alone, is what i need. it feels as if i have all the time and yet not enough at the same. i’m force to deal with me. i learned:

  • i have an OCD thing with cleaning and organizing 🏠
  • i tend to talk and answer myself out loud… 🙄a lot…
  • i’m quite vulnerable at dating (depression doesn’t help either ) #DepressionIsReal
  • although i’m not religious, i greatly believe in God, heaven and hell, and spirits
  • time waits for no one
  • hot baths are therapeutic
  • gardening is therapeutic
  • discovering my roots is a dangerous game of how-far-would-you-go
  • Hootsuite doesn’t auto save drafts if my phone is sleep
  • i ❤️ emoji and #’s
  • acceptance is not a sign of weakness but strength. it reminds me that i was hurt, i healed and moved on

i went through quite a bit of personas to end up back to the beginning; i am the root and below are my blossoms:

🌼life is never fair – personal bloglinf

🌼ebon affects – inspirational self advocating blogea

🌼sugoi ks – photographer in the makinsugoi ks

and you can find all them in my greenhouse ks affectsks affects

✒️i, samara ‘ks’ norton accept the person i was, am and soon to become 🔏
🌼               🌼               🌼



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