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i love autumn’s randomness. the cool nights.  the warm afternoons. the butterfly visits. it reminds me that all life transition at some point. that life itself is an ugly yet beautiful journey. that the best way to live is to simply take it day by day. to let what drifts,  drift. to let what falls, fall. it’s the randomness that keep us on our toes. that keep us anxious for the next… Read More

though each year brings us uncertain advances, changes. nature will remain a natural beauty, displaying the colors of our souls -ks

what are a few ways to prep for nanowrimo?

like autumn leaves, let go of your fears, your doubts, things you cannot change. let go of the weight and ache of the withered and those who caused you pain. discard the hopelessness, the guilt, the shame. like autumn leaves, let go to breath again. -ks

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