note 4

i love autumn’s randomness.

the cool nights. 

the warm afternoons.

the butterfly visits.

it reminds me that all life transition at some point.

that life itself is an ugly yet beautiful journey.

that the best way to live is to simply take it day by day.

to let what drifts,  drift.

to let what falls, fall.

it’s the randomness that keep us on our toes.

that keep us anxious for the next day.

that keeps life interesting

-ks original

note 3

though each year brings us uncertain advances, changes.

nature will remain a natural beauty, displaying the colors of our souls


note 2

note 1

i’m having a “monday morning” kind of day

as the season shifts to chilly mornings, warmer afternoons, and even colder evenings, so does my summer routines. i started October with two jobs, one i could work from home and the other on site. both are customer service positions i’m quite familiar with performing. however, as the days pass and training settles in, it becomes obvious that i plated more than i can stomach. in the end, i nestled down to one employer and here i am, in training, downloading the necessary applications to be able to work from home.

i like to consider myself an expert in the at-home field. i’ve worked with quite a few familiar systems from different at-home companies. out of all the technical issues that occurred, i never had a problem with my computer’s compatibility. usually it’s a small error that could be fixed in a few days by my employer’s IT specialist. not this time. this time, i knew the problem was my own. not a big deal. it’s not one of those omg this is going to take a week to fix issue. no, it’s a simple fix…

😤no. not a simple fix. to my surprise, large at-home company’s systems are conveniently complicated.

my last employer shipped out their equipment, down to the converter boxes and pc cables. this employer upgraded, allowing access to majority of the needed at-home equipment online. okay, i know that sounds like “hmm, okay. what big industry doesn’t?”  to elaborate: i have not used any other equipment other than the bundle of joy listed above. until today, of course. well, sort of. that’s the issue. the application uses the computer’s default settings. normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but every time i go to login my keyboard language preference switched to Siberia.

😐 seriously, brah…

now, this happened once or twice in the past month or so. i was able to switch the preference by clicking the nice little icon at the bottom right corner of my screen. it took me less than three seconds to resolve my own issue.

not this time. to access my employer’s system, i have to log in through their vpn. go through a security check and then it logs me in automatically to another screen where i have to manually enter in my credentials. again, i’m good. i knew this. security these days have to be tight. i setup a twostep verification for my guild wars 2 account. i’m on it too.

the next login screen appears. i place my curser in the username field. i type my username. i place my cursor in the password field. i begin to type my password. i press the shift and two keys down and then this [] appears.

serious-ly? 😒

so, who do i call when it’s my computer that’s not working as it should.

let’s see. i contact my trainer, who refers me to the company’s IT guy. awesome. i’m familiar with this step, no biggie. i chat with the IT guy who repeatedly informs me that the company’s application does not override the system’s default settings.

well, damn. i guess, i have two choices: the manufacture or Microsoft, since i’m running Windows 10.

besides the emotional panic attack, i’m having, i manage to chat with a Microsoft technician who advised me that… wait for it… not only is my computer refurbished but the manufacturer is in Siberia. the primary language preference is Siberian. there is no way to covert the primary language unless i purchase a new product key, costing around $119.