life is a beautiful struggle

if you’re looking for a splash of color to brighten your day, to uplift you when you’re down, to relate to the everyday bullshit we call life, then my friend, you have found the place.

this blog supports original content created by yours truly. not only am i an awesome mother, i dabble in the arts of photography, design, and creative writing, which i apply to create lovely inspirational pieces. i speak from my heart and share what’s on my mind. if you’re sensitive to posts like these please do not follow. i don’t want to offend anyone.

if you’re trying to get somewhere in life, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’re aiming for then you know the hefty amount of stress that comes with that journey. i am sharing my story, my life, in hopes that it will inspire you to continue your jaunt.

i’m not going to lie to you, the shit you will face will be damning and maddening. hell, i’ll be right with ya. but know that all hard work, no matter how small, pays off in the end. we just have to jump through a thousand fucking loops to get there. i hope my story helps you jump through a thousand loops. 

 shit happens. time continues. seasons change. 

life is never fair

thank goodness we have each other

latest endeavors 

-Firs short story published

-First assignment as a journalist

-Proud PTA member

-Understanding of media strategist and graphic design position

-Unsuccessfully managing weight loss and healthy eating

-First summer break, happy, in over three years

G R A P H I C   A R T I S T  M E D I A   S P E C I A L I S T

W R I T E R  *  J O U R N A L I S T  *  B L O G G E R


🌼i gather strength from life’s storms -Jonathan L Huie🌼

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